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What is the difference between transitions, steps, and now, transformation?

You first must take certain steps to get to a transition period, and ultimately you will have achieved transformation.

What is the meaning of transformation in our dictionary? A thorough dramatic change in appearance.

daily wisdom word meaning of transformation-the final change that occurs through taking
steps forward, then transitioning towards the goal of change set and reaching successful finality.

A final transformation is the ultimate success.

I know with me, I start off with stating I want to lose 5 pounds.(transition)  I exercise and diet
to get there,(steps) and ultimately lose the weight.  (transformation).  Transformation starts off
with just one step and we graduate from there.

The last step in all of our changes is transformation and we will achieve it if we believe it,
and map out the directions we need to take to get to the point of final transformation.

Transformation ultimately l happens to all of us, so why not take the direction we want with it through steps then transitioning, to achieve what we want out of life?

We all have the power to change.  We just need to find that motivation from within.  Will we always be successful?  Most of the time, I believe we will, but sometimes we take a step back before moving forward two steps.  We are all “perfectly, imperfect” . SL

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