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Martial arts and poetry: is there a relationship?

Martial arts and poetry: is there a relationship?

So, I closed my eyes to sleep and lay off thoughts that refused me a sight and one of them tapped me some few minutes into the act of night.

Awake, I wondered on my bed as I saw sleep saying farewell and the disturbing question rushing in with head like that of an angry bull racing for it’s liberty.

Martial arts and Poetry: is there a relationship? For some weird reasons, reasons that I cannot fathom at the moment, I don’t know where the question came from. Do we really know where such things come from? That’s another question from this question.

I am definitely not a martial artist but I throw punches and kicks with the words I pen on paper. That’s not all, like other amazing writers, I break bricks, tons of bricks, with my pen.

Martial arts and Poetry: is there a relationship? Google …No! YouTube was the next bus stop and viola, I stumbled on a martial artist who is known for his effective forms of teaching martial arts in his time.

I’ll ask the question again. Martial arts and Poetry: is there a relationship? Let’s take this approach to the answer to this question that stole sleep from my eyes.

I will turn you on with Bruce Lee’s philosophy of martial arts. He said

… emotion portrays motion

Okay. Watch his 1971 interview on Pierre Berton show in Hong Kong. He is in the best position to answer the question.

[videopress oHXxrhd3]

I played a fast one on you, right? Actually, I answered the question before you watched Bruce Lee’s interview with Pierre Berton. Did you notice that?


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