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NOW              DO YOU LIVE IN THE “NOW”?

Do you live in the now?  How often do we get this question asked to us?  It is certainly now a common question.  However, it pertains very often to how we live our life.  Many people live in the past.  They spend their time living in the past remembering the good ole days.  We remember things in a way that seems to lose the imperfections of everyday life.  We seem to remember the past in a perfectionistic way, reminding us of how great these times were.  We daydream about old boyfriends, when we were very clear in that time period this person was “not” Mr. Right.  In our current frame of mind, we knew when we actually were in that time era, this man was definitely Mr. Wrong

Some of us live in the future.  We are not content with the way our lives our going in the present, and if we could pull out of the current place and time, we would do so.  Living in the future allows us to paint the perfect, ideal picture of how good things could be if they were, “Perfect”.  The problem with this line of thinking is life is never really perfect.  In fact, we are idealizing perfection as if it will have a place in our life, when we arrive at this moment in time.  Reality check?  No the future is not perfect either.  Those of us that live and stay mentally in the present realize this:  By staying in the present, we develop coping skills and mechanisms that allow us to cope with the future and accept the past as it really was, not the way we wish it could have been.  I think back on relationships I have been in before,  and I know that in order to move on, ( I am the kind of person that has a hard time letting go of a relationship), even when I know in my heart and head I should let go of this relationship.  After the relationship was over, I would spend a lot of time analyzing what happened to it as it broke down and why it did so.  This is also considered living in the “past” if you begin to obsess on it.  I tended to do just that.  Let us take a look at the meaning of “NOW” in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster definition of “now”-1. at the present time or moment.  2.  under the present circumstances;  as a result of something that has recently happened.  2.  used in a particular length of time.  3.  used to emphasize a particular length of time.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition-living life in the present.  2.  the art of learning to live in the “present” verses the past or future.

It is very important for us to think long and hard about this advice and there is only one way to do so.  1.  You have to practice monitoring your thoughts.  Whatever we are thinking about, is what we gravitate and manifest in our live.  2. Journaling or simply keeping a notebook writing down these thoughts we all have, a pattern will start to emerge.  You will begin to understand why you focus too much on the past or present.  3.  what triggered you wanting to make changes to begin with?  Perhaps the initial problem that caused you issues in your life is why you would like to focus on living in the present.  I recently lost my little sister.  It is so painful for me.  I find myself wondering was I as close to her as I thought I was?  She lived a life of loving others.  She chose to not share with me some of the things I would have liked to understand.  We all are a product of change and our experiences.  Perhaps I wasn’t involved enough in her life to see who she had become as we are all changing daily.  regardless, when i find myself going down this rabbit hole, I stop, and ask myself:  What productivity and positive change will it bring to my life?  iI want to hear what your feelings are about “living in the now”.  There is a comment section beneath this post titled, “join the discussion”.  Please leave a comment, poem or quote about living in the present, and what benefits or costs has it brought you living in the present or what costs have you paid living in the past or dreaming of the future.  Join today for just $10!  This buys you a lifetime membership.  That is right.  LIFETIME.  Starting very soon, it is going to change where you will have a monthly fee to join.  It will still be extremely reasonable considering what you get when joining.  Check out our Wisdomology posts that is written and always by Neel who is a master at the art of making logical sense of things in life I find difficult to understand.  My post, (what you just read), is Mon, Wed, Fri. is also live.  What this means is throughout the day, after reading the post I will happily answer any questions I get in our comments section and help in any way possible should you have any specific issues with “living in the now”.  Shirley publishes a wonderful article in the form of a live interview on youtube or one she writes with many interesting facts about famous authors or poets.  Dr. Shanni Dover, publishes an article on the daily wisdom words website every Sunday.  It is always amazing and I learn so much from her.  No wonder she was a psychologist for 25 years.  She can also make a difference in your life.  Leave a comment in the “join the discussion area” beneath her post, and she is available from 3:00pm to 6:00pm to answer questions live.  She also helps outside of these hours and it is amazing the light she brings in her thoughts and words.  

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Thanks so much, Samantha LeBoeuf


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Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
8 months ago

Gone and Hopeless I have always been So practical I lived in the present The past can never be undone And tomorrows will always be uncertain And then you left me And you couldn’t just leave Without telling me How little you thought of me As if it all hadn’t been bad enough Me always crying And you, filled with constant rage Blaming . . . Now I am helpless My legs crumpled underneath me Like the wheels coming off a bus Spinning wildly out of control Coming to a stop No one knows where In a mangled, broken heap… Read more »

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