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Today’s Daily Wisdom Word will be:  proclivities; especially those things one is drawn to from birth because of genetics.  Because of this, should we give legal leadway to those criminals with genetic proclivities?  These individuals for as long as they have been experiencing and enjoying for example, sexually inappropriate behavior can be traced to their genetics.  Should we give special consideration for this when sentencing an individual for a sexual crime?  Good question I said to myself, when I saw an article on proclivities.  Proclivities are genetically innate.  This means somewhere inside their DNA, they have a gene which makes them blurry on sexual boundaries. 

Psychology has always fascinated me.  I remember watching a really interesting show on a gene known as the murder gene.  While it is true the numbers are somewhat higher in innate sexual deviancy, I have heard of individuals who truly have this gene.  When they are raised in a socially nurturing home life, and taught how to please their parents through positive reinforcement, they seem to often have restraint with their proclivities.  Therefore, I think since these individuals have a higher propensity their genetic code, we also should have supporting evidence to support or unsupport what their home life, security and nurturing was like as they grew up.  A theory of mine is we DO have some control ourselves. There are certain proclivities  that we can overcome if we had a strong, loving support system growing up.   When we have a strong support system, we are able to fight or even ignore the negative urges that create a predatory criminal.  There is some evidence that although innately our genetic code has a modification attracting us to these negative violations, it may lie dormant should the individual have a positive, loving background and overall support system.  

What happens when an individual gets a fair shake in our court system we all agree isn’t perfect. In cases of sexual deviancy, often a caseworker is assigned to psychologically test the individual.  This individual may be outside the standard deviation or normal range, and they have no support system and have been in foster care all their lives?  Do we use their background when negative, to recommend lower sentencing guidelines for them over another person committing the same exact sexual crime with a positive support system, who is coming from a nurturing loving family?

We all have a right to our own opinion and I want to hear yours today.  There is an area called, “join the discussion” below this article and I would really be fascinated to know what each reader thinks.  I am a live host for my blog and will be live Wednesday between 9:00am to 4;00pm MT-USA.  Let’s start a discussion together!  If you are a new member, get involved!  We would love to have you get involved with this article with your own thoughts.  You may wonder why Daily Wisdom Words, LLC, a Writer’s community is writing about a wisdom word like this.  For one thing, it increases reading comprehension and our ability to express ourselves making us a better writer.  This is why you are always seeing me encourage all Writer’s including poets, songwriters, short story writers, or bloggers to get involved.  I am going to be 

I had to look at the dictionary for this meaning, although I have heard the word used in legal cases and negative behaviors that repeat.  We favor our proclivities, appreciating them for what they are. 

Let us take a look at the meaning of proclivities.

Webster Dictionary Meaning for Proclivities-1.  A tendency to choose or do something regularly;  an inclination or predisposition towards a particular thing.   2.  The fact that someone likes something, or likes to do something especially considered morally wrong. (definition#2 came from dictionary.com)

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Proclivities- those things that are potential weaknesses we have a propensity for.

Proclivities are usually something that is a habit ingrained, and unfortunately is rarely positive.  It could be playing out in a crime with someone with an innate proclivity towards addiction(s) for other crazy behavior that in not law abiding.  These actions can be caused by an innate desire to be high on drugs or other substances at all times to escape reality.  It is very hard to change our proclivities, because they are set in stone genetically or innate.  The stronger our childhood support and current support systems are, the easier it is to deal with proclivities, and deviating preferences.  Once you share your opinion, I will share mine.  I hope to see your comments on this article.  Join today if you have been considering it.  It is going to be the last time you will see us offer a lifetime membership for a flat fee of $10.  By the way, this is just one exercise out of several live prompts with live hosts for you to strengthen your writing skills. 

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Almost all of us have proclivities, according to definition of this word from the webster dictionary. Some of these are more dangerous than others!  Proclivities could be an innate desire to exercise to the point you hurt yourself but keep going because you are addicted to the endorphin  high.  

Often we hear the mention of proclivities linked to hollywood stars or others related to sexual deviancy.  The older I get, the more I realize, just as we all are very much the same, we each clearly have our differences. 


Samantha Leboeuf/DWW-Founder



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