“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

Welcome to the eighth installment of my #PayItForward series. In a bit of a departure from the usual format, I’m highlighting three writers instead of five in order to give the ample amount of space to each person that they deserve.

MEGAN ARONSON: At the risk of sounding highly immodest, sometimes people have told me on social media that I do a lot to support my fellow writers. Every time they say that, I no doubt appreciate it, but think of my very good friend Megan who motivates writers and people with mental health conditions ten times more than I do. Here’s a person who literally lost it all due to one of her family members having an opioid addiction, lived to tell about it and now, is a tireless champion in spreading hope and positive vibes to anyone and everyone who needs it. And on top of that, she rebuilt the most loving and caring relationship with the same person who had an addiction, her husband. If I were to list all of Megan’s admirable qualities, it would take multiple articles to do so I’ll just say this: Anytime I have doubts about anything, I always rely on Megan’s posts to help me see light at the end of the tunnel. She’s the epitome of endless courage and determination, and without any exaggeration, perhaps my biggest inspiration ever on social media to soldier on. Follow her on Twitter @MeganAronson and on http://meganaronson.com.

AARON LAMBERT: Admittedly, I’ve not known Aaron for nearly as long as some other writers I’ve talked about in this series. And yet, when I first connected with him earlier this year, I felt a kinship I couldn’t put in words. As I got to know him through his tweets and some personal interaction, what I learned to admire about him, besides his wonderful writing, is his zeal to lay everything out, be it good, bad or downright ugly. Whether it’s his own issues or matters taking place in society, Aaron never fails to stand up for the right causes and speak his mind. Inevitably, sometimes that’s received positively and sometimes negatively. But regardless, Aaron marches on like the energizer bunny. I always think, ten more of him and the world be at peace. Personally too, he’s had his share of battles with mental health conditions and addiction but today, stands tall against them even if the road ahead appears full of potholes. Muhammad Ali once talked about a true champion being someone who falls down and gets back up rather than having multiple consecutive knockouts. Very few people represent that philosophy more than Aaron. Follow him on Twitter @aaron_m_lambert.

JANA JENKINS: Where was Jana when M. Night Shyamalan’s promising career started to go downhill? I say that partly as a joke but there’s a method to the madness in that statement. I’ve haven’t come across a writer in years who weaves tales of suspense and twists as good as Jana does, especially on the independent front. Each time I read a piece by her, I’m bowled over and think how in the world does she do it? Whether it’s a short piece on Twitter via the writing prompts or her collection called Tiny Tales (available on Amazon), Jana always keeps the readers in the palm of her hands. I would say I’ve learned a lot from her but given that my own fictional pieces don’t come anywhere near her’s, I’ll just say I try but have a long way to go. Follow Jana on Twitter @janalynnjenks.

Who do you think deserves a follow in the independent writing community? Is there a particular writer you find inspiring? If so, who is it and why? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
7 months ago

Excellent writing, Neel!!

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