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What is resilience and how can it affect our lives in a positive manner?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of resilience in our Webster Dictionary.

Resilience-1.  The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties;  Toughness  2.  the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape;  elasticity

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Resilience-The capacity to bounce back from adversity and be stronger because of it.

Resilience is a quality we could all use more of.  Resilience is being able to deal with tragedy or adversity and be stronger because of it.  Resilience is the ability to remain strong during a crisis and and be in solid condition when this tragedy is over.  I remember losing my father.  He had lived a good, healthy life and passed away at 83 years old.

All the same, my mother had been with him for 50 years, and did not know life without him.  He drove her everywhere, ran the majority of errands and it was only during the last six months of his life my mother had begun to take care of him.  I watched the amazing resilience come out in my mother like a bright beacon of light.

She began to do everything for herself.  She had not been on a plane in 30 years, and for the first time, she got on a plane and flew by herself to visit my sister.  Yes, she grieved the death of my father, but she became stronger because of this death and the profound effect it had on her life.

She drove everywhere when before my dad passed, he drove everywhere for errands, doctor’s appointments and anywhere else they had to go.  She took control of all finances and still was able to be there for others.  This is resilience in its finest form.  I was amazed at her strength.  I believe we all have resilience within us.  Some of us have to reach deeper inside our souls to find it, but it is a God given gift that is always there for us to rely upon.

Thank you for reading about our daily wisdom word for the day.

Samantha LeBoeuf



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