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The Definition of Madness

by: Guildford Windley

The Definition of Madness
What madness is this?
That we see today
What happens to the way it was?
Where did it go wrong?
Used to be the Republicans were the bastion of conservatism ready to fight the Russian
Now they are nothing more than Russian whores
Demands for billions for a wall, because it pleases a Nazi bitch, He can’t stand up to Women of power
Ann, call him a wimp and he, cave in
Then Nancy put him in his place, she said no, and no is what she meant
All the while the man he made a fool of, was on his knees kissing his master’s ass in Congress
It was pointed out as true as can be; the fool’s crocodile tears will not do, when workers cannot eat!
You see this wall they want to build, no justification has really been shown
He has not documented the tidal wave of the wild hordes comes across our southern border
The only way he justified billions is with fear and lies
He wants to build a wall through Mission Texas; this wall will cut right through the National Butterfly center, an American treasure it will cost lots of money
He will bulldoze and destroy the home of 200 types of butterfly
For what, a 30 foot high ugly concrete steel wall
Guess what the crime rate is in the Mission area it is 70 % lower than the nation
I think the only crime being commit, is the money lining some pockets of a politician
The people who make a living there will lose the tourist dollar
All this stupid to please an ego of a spoiled child
Meanwhile, people of color are being threatened beaten and murder
White men go on a killing spree all the Republicans will say, our thoughts and prayers and we need God and the second amendment
But if an undocumented does the dirty deed all hell is what we hear
Republicans turn their heads; collect their pay from the NRA
But if an undocumented does the dirty deed all hell is what we hear
What madness is this, what madness is this?
Healthcare, they want to take away so the cost will drop for the rich and powerful
What madness is this? Old and the young discarded so politicians can drain the safety net, no money left as the deficits soar they rich line their pockets
Vets left to die on the street homeless and sick, more will come, since our wars are never ending
Homelessness and poverty is climbing, but the rich don’t give damn, Wall Street high and might
What kind of crazy are we, a society that shove God down your throat no to LGBTQ, no abortion, keep women in their place
Yes they are all about life; once it’s born they like to watch it die
What kind of madness is this anyway?
Russia spends and turns elections, voter laws to reduce people’s rights, suppress and control us
The Supreme Court knows its place vote against the human race
Justice is blind, drink up for, the Constitution you don’t give damn your orders you receive after a white house brief Hell pour that beer, is all they care for
What is the truth, they don’t care, hell more beer
Your right to vote you can lose without a street address
Never mind the Constitution states your right cannot be denied or abridged
Constitution says nothing about a street address
But what the heck they claim the border is a mess
The hordes of people they claim when it’s to their point
Caravans of people, bad people, and sick people start coming
Trumps shouts wails, people demand the wall
Then when the smoke of his ramblings clears
The caravans disappear
We separate kids from their families; in tent cities do we keep them
Poor people come for a better life, turn away for the color of their skin
Russian women have no trouble coming here where children they deliver, are now citizens
The power is not with the people, the oligarchy controls the government
As the deficit source and no taxes are paid
The government is falling apart, but the rich get richer
They keep their power pulling the strings as puppet masters they feed us a line of deceit, they cover our face with the shroud of lies
So we fight and turn on each other, we do not see what is real
For blind our we, by the lies they sell
They keep us down, as fortunes do they make
All the while the fool sits on a golden throne, a wall of deceit
He fiddles his tune with tweets,
Rome burns as he eats hamburgers and watches Fox on TV!
What madness is this, lost in lies are we, what madness is this
As the clock ticks, our freedom slip away
Guildford H Windley
January 26, 2019

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