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SACRIFICE                                 DAILY WISDOM WORDS

When you think of Sacrifice, what comes to mind?

Webster Meaning-Sacrifice-1. An offering, as of a life, or object, diety.  2.  A giving up of one thing for the sake of another.  3.  To sell at less than the supposed value.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Sacrifice-1.  What we give, that is most precious to us in our hearts.
The offering of putting another’s needs, before your own needs.  3.  A gift, given with a loss on your behalf, but one you have chosen to give.

Sacrifice, is becoming less popular than it ever has been.  Why?  Everything is “centered” around ourselves.  “Our selfies, for example.  Life and the technological advances which have made it possible to “DO LESS, and TAKE MORE”, is Social Media’s role in Sacrifice.  Watch commercials, and you will see, they are all about YOU.  What you can have, and what you deserve.

What role do we play when it comes to “sacrifice”?  Have we been willing in our lifetime to give to another, something very important, to ourselves?  Have we been focused on what we can do for others, or are we focused on “our own life, and making it the best, “for ourselves”?

I feel character is built on what we give of ourselves. and I am far from perfect in this role, so there is no finger pointing from me.  As I think of sacrifice, I made them all the time, for my children as they were growing up, but I also made decisions for me.

If you want to know the true meaning of “sacrifice” you must live in a world where your making them.   I see as I write this, many areas in myself that could be doing a better job, giving to my partner, and children, although I do try.  It is a fine line to walk being ill, and using that as an excuse why I can’t help with certain things because there are certain things, ultimately I can’t help with.  I never want to get in the habit of taking the easy out, and using my decease as the excuse unless it is legitimate.

One RULE I have adhered to all of my life, is giving to others, things that are of monetary value, that are precious to me, if they are someone I love, something special to me.  I think we all have to look INSIDE, rather than OUTSIDE, to hear that inner voice which I believe is God’s voice, or a voice if we listen to, we can’t go wrong.

If our lives are full of things we are doing for ourselves, we are often interacting with others when doing them.   The “Outside Noise” makes it harder to hear our inner voice.  We must find a time we can sit down and think quietly or meditate, in order to keep in touch with our core values.

Sacrifice is a “core value”.  One given to all of us, and different for all of us.

There is another type of sacrifice this leads me to:  The “Sacrifice” of oneself.  When we are taking actions, that are against the core values we have, or our morals and values, we have begun the process of sacrificing, ourselves and what we believe in.  Sacrifice is not to be made with these, because once, you do it, the next situation that is a judgement call with our core values, will be easier to deal with and yes, COMPROMISE what we believe in.

If you have children, you know what sacrifice is all about as you devote yourself, to them, first.  We also should make a rule never sacrificing  what we believe in for anyone, anything, or any happening.

Give of yourself.  Give to others.  Sacrifice yourself in new and challenging ways, helping others.
You will be surprised at the unexpected happenings, if you choose to live your life this way.

When we give from our heart, we get back two-fold it is said.  I have seen this to be true, watching others open gifts at Christmas time.  I see the face of the one who “received the gift” and the face of the one that gave it.  When they see the excitement, and gratitude from the received, it means so much more than the feeling the received is experiencing.

We don’t have to sacrifice what we believe in, to sacrifice ourselves.  There is a fine line, between knowing who you are, being confident enough to know your strengths and weaknesses, and using what you have, for others, as well as yourself.  Balance, is that fine line, so walk it carefully.  SL

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