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What is time and how do we measure it?  I am not referring to time on the clock.  I am referring to measured time, which is unmeasured.  What do I mean?  First, lets take a look at the definition of time.

Webster Definition-1.  Every moment there ever has been or will be.  2.  The system of duration.  3.  the period in which something “exists or happens”  4.  Rate of speed in marching/driving.
That is only the partial definition.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  The space or period in which something is measured.  The unmeasured, or periods of space that are events when seen together.  2.  Time cannot exist without space.  God’s own personal clock.

Time is how we measure everything.  What “time” do you have to be at work?  What time is it?

I believe, the kind of time, I am referring to, God doesn’t recognize as his own.  I think back on things I have wanted in the past; NOW.  That is not the kind of time he has planned.  I believe in time, there is perfection.  If you think about life events, unfolding in your past, It does seem to make sense that each thing that happened leading up to it, controlling time, happened, PERFECTLY.

Time is when the timing is right for everything divine.
Time is the beauty of the unseen.  Time is unseen as it passes.  We can stand and watch a clock. This is human time.  Think about it.  We even CHANGE the time, with daylight savings time every year.  (another time period)

I want to share with you that I can be very impatient, wanting things to happen in my life, when I would like them to.  This is time by the clock.  I believe, that God’s clock and ours are very different.
It is vitally important, I think that things unfold, good and bad, as we are able to APPRECIATE or COPE  with them as they happen. This timing is the kind of time we are depending on something other then a clock to tell it.  This is God’s timing and it truly is astounding what we cannot see in this world, that is happening every single second of it

We are human beings.  “Perfectly imperfect”.  So are our clocks and watches.  Patience truly is a virtue, and this saying was probably created because of the inspiration of God’s insight.

We have to recognize the time on the clock.  Think about our children.  We, as parents, must decide, at what time, to reveal certain things, and that is individual.

Time, or Timing, is individual and unique.  If we are having a party, we pick the time and the place.  If we are going to play tennis, we must reserve court time.  Golf, the same or what time we book a reservation for dinner.

The most important kind of time, is that in which we do things.  If we wish to have self-discipline, then using time to guide us, is a very good idea. We as humans, rely on time for everything, but again, I am referring to God’s clock.  “Seeing the Unseen”.  Knowing Exactly WHEN we should tell our children about “the birds and the bees”.

Timing is Prolific.  There is beauty in time…We keep memories as “time” passes.  We remember the birthday, someone’s birthday we care about, every year, surrounded with the gifts we give to others, whether it is monetary or a “gift of our time”, which is truly special and lovely.  Time, is like a flower unfolding, and we need both kinds of time in our lives.  I think it is important that we are able to distinguish between the two kinds of time to genuinely appreciate them.

Use “Human Timing” to strengthen will power, and make goals, and set affirmations.  Use human time to make a schedule to use to strengthen self-discipline or any other skill.  Set aside, time, (Gods Time) for those you love, and most importantly, never tell a child or someone emotionally dependent on you, that YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME.  Never tell a stranger that either stranded on the road, or some other emergency. Do your best to help them.

God’s timing will work out any issues with time, created by helping another, conflicting with previous times reserved by our clock.  God’s timing is everything.  Gods timing will lead us to death, eventually, but more lovely is God’s timing bringing life into the world and watching a baby be born at just the “right time”.  SL

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