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Why do we have to Suffer?   What purpose is there in this for us?  Suffering, has many forms.

Lets take a look at the Webster Meaning:  1.  The bearing of pain; distress  2.  Suffering, and
Suffer:  To undergo, to permit.  To TOLERATE.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Expending pain, either mentally, physically and psychologically.
The hurting some of us endure on a daily basis, we LEARN or gain strength, to tolerate.

Why did I pick Suffering as the Daily Wisdom Word?  Obvious to most, today is the day Jesus DIED
on the cross from being nailed to it, and tortured in the process.  Jesus, loved everyone, even those who hated him, according to the Bible.  Jesus endured Physical, PSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN, not clear as to why his father would allow it and Mental Pain.  All 3, dying physically for us, so we can live.

Can you imagine if your a parent how that would have felt?  I believe God SUFFERED more than his son did.

Suffering is part of life.  I live with CRPS, also know as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is an actual pain disease and I suffer quite frequently.

What good comes from this?  A miserable disease with no cure, no fix, only medication to ease the pain, and I am in bed 30% of the time, however, I am a BETTER PERSON because of it.

I “appreciate” the good days so much more, than I previously did, prior to the disease with every day. I also feel I have gained depth, and more compassion for others.  When I feel sorry for myself, I start to think outside, of “ME” and know there are many others out there, suffering far worse than I am.

 Prior to getting sick, five years ago with this, I had a career in Real Estate.  I was extremely busy.
I worked out five days a week, and was on so much medication it is a wonder I or others aren’t hurt, or dead because of it.  I had a car accident.  Daily Wisdom Words is about total honesty to my readers, and I know now what I didn’t even think of then.  Knowledge is power.

After the car accident, in which I totaled my car, thank God not hurting anyone, I started doing research and found a doctor who was able to get me off of the heavy pain medication with one drug that manages my pain.  He is a blessing.  Again, I don’t know if I would have appreciated him as much as I do if I wasn’t gaining Wisdom and Strength from this disease.

Jesus paid the ultimate price, and it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how painful it would have been for him to be nailed to a Cross.  I also can think of him, when I have a bad day.

I have a very loving, and compassionate family and they also help me through this.  I am extremely close to my Grown son and daughter, and they each offer tremendous support in their own ways.  I also have my soon to be husband who is so wonderful.  He helps me do everything, is there for me emotionally, and loves me so much.  I am so blessed to also have my mother here and healthy, who is always there when I need her.

I have a wonderful next door neighbor, and close friend, who fixes dinners, and leaves them at my door, shovels snow, listens without judging when I need her to, and she does all of these things, out of the goodness in her heart, with NO Expectations on her behalf.  (She picked today’s Daily Wisdom Word, so Evy, I dedicate this to you and thank you for being a wonderful friend.)

I am not happy I have this illness and am disabled, but I am happy for the good that comes from something bad.  Jesus rose from the cross on the third day, so he also had something good happen, after something bad.

Suffering is a part of life.  We must accept that, and realize the way to get stronger, we must reach out to others, and help them in any way we are able.  I pray my writing does this this for others, through being honest about my flaws, so they can perhaps accept theirs, a little easier.  Were human, and perfection doesn’t exist.  Some people just hide their flaws a little better than another.

Please again, don’t think I am trying to convert you, but find something more powerful than you, and when you do, it will come from getting outside of yourself, and focusing on others.  We are all beautiful in our own way, and unique and creative, and yes, flawed, but there is beauty in “imperfection” too.

Happy Easter and Good Friday to all.  SL

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I was asked to share this, and thought it might give others hope with a similar/same situation.
Yea though I walk through the Valley of Death. My cancer journey #endcancer #leukemia http://bit.ly/1ERg3os  (Pls RT)

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