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What does disrespect mean to you?  Do you disrespect others by crossing over boundaries, that you know in your heart are wrong?  How far in this world centered arounAILUd money, sex, and the darker side of life, like drugs, and alcohol will you go to get what you “think” you want?  Will you compromise another’s feelings, or feelings you have for them, just to succeed or entertain yourself at the expense of others, even those you do care about?

Let us take a look at the Webster definition of “Disrespect”:  Lack of respect:  2.  Discourtesy

Daily Wisdom Word Definiton:    A lack of regard for others;  A lack of regard or respect.  2. to show NO Courtesy towards another  (Webster definition for Respect:   to feel or honor another, regard another.  2. to show courtesy for another) (POLAR OPPOSITE)

Disrespect is demonstrated through the way someone treats another, perhaps even you.  Do they violate the rules of your personal self-esteem or boundaries you have?  Do they show a lack of courtesy towards you by dishonoring your morals and values not thinking or regarding you at all in this decision?  You are being “disrespected”.  Even worse, is to find out you are being disrespected by the dishonoring another, perhaps not personally directed towards you, but never-the-less, affecting you with their “action choice” through what I call, “the rippling effect”.

The “rippling effect” is action in power, used poorly.  the “rippling effect” is an indirect but definite action unintentionally taken against others we had not even thought about, caused as the result of to a decision we made. Think about this carefully.   With every choice or decision made by you in which your “ulterior motive” was good, but as your initial “power decision” was made, you did not “think through”,  the full consequences, indirectly causing disrespect  or damage and hurt towards another.  However, what you thought the  about the result of your choice to step into another’s life, as a good one, indirectly caused a “rippling effect”.

One decision we make can cause grief and hurt towards others, viewed by them as a direct disrespect for them, when you initial intention was not to hurt another.  This is why it is vital to think through all “power decisions”.

Power is a funny thing.  Having it, is sometimes, like a drug, causing a “Physical Reaction”.
However, power, is taken away just as quickly as we had it to begin with.  That is how I “believe” the laws of good and bad work.

Power may expand with your life, and it looks as if that initial disrespect on your part caused no reaction.   Whenever you take the life of another adult and make a decision for their life, or deliberately cyber bully them, by using your knowledge to create your power, (good thing), but NOT, WHEN KNOWLEDGE IS USED NEGATIVELY,  AFFECTING THE LIVES OF OTHERS.”   In this case, your  using your power to DISRESPECT/AFFECT them, you ARE making a “Power Choice.”    Power and disrespect, in many cases go hand in hand.  We can make a “POWER Choice, for a charity, (group of people), to justify our disrespect and empowering of individuals.  

Unfortunately we “justify our power decisions with other power decisions, such as donating to a charity”.  We think that gives us the right to disrespect who we choose.  However, when we wipe away all of the “dirt on a Mirror, it will not remove the original spot.  There are always consequences to the actions we take. 

I am thinking in my life of others who have disrespected me, repeatedly and repetitively do so. When another is disrespecting you, you must defend yourself, because when it comes down to the end of the day, you are the one who is responsible for you.  Sadly, you know that this individual who is hurting you, by lying to you and your loved ones, over estimating their power, unfortunately, overly confident, they underestimate yours.   You have the knowledge, to do just what they have done to you;  Hurt back by disrespecting them.  Is this the right thing to do?

I hope we can make better decisions is our lives, for what I have written on, is on the dark side.  However, Daily Wisdom Words, is about honesty, and sometimes, honesty hurts, because it is the TRUTH.

Think about your life decisions.  Think carefully, about the “rippling effect” of them.  We are all human and a work in progress, not perfection, but no matter how far we progress, we must not disrespect or hurt others in the process of empowering ourselves. Last, and most importantly, don’t ever disrespect others, and sacrifice yourself in the process of empowering yourself.  

Life is short, and at the end of the day, it is us, that should work on humility, and we know in our hearts, how we should treat others, and how we feel we should be treated, in the same way.  SL

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