What is your vision when you look at you future for your vision for your future?   What makes vision different than envision? Let us take a look at vision in our Webster Dictionary-1.  Something seen otherwise than by ordinary sight.  2.  A vivid picture created by the imagination . 3.  the act or power of imagination .

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  The future as we wish to mold it with our imagination.

Our vision is created by our imagination first.  Imagination is just a thought or idea we conceive so this is a long term plan is only a figment or thought.  However, it is the start and beginning of a goal.  You must start with imagination to have a long term plan and have that plan develop into something concrete.

You must first have a vision to create a long term plan and without a vision we cannot achieve our goals.  What is your vision and what is the next step after vision and imagination to make a plan concrete?  Action is next.  We can see something in our mind, but without taking action, our vision is just that.  Our imagination is useful but when we don’t add action with it, we have nothing concrete or real but it does take vision to create a real plan.  Vision is the first step.

Vision takes our imagination to form.  My vision for myself is that I create a poetry site everyone can utilize no matter what type of writing they like to do;  Quotes, books, Poetry, and short stories.  Ideally that is what I would like to see happen.

I have taken the first step towards my long-term vision by having a website designed.  My next step will determine how real my vision is and the success of it.  I will need research and planning and a concrete “idea” (the next step after imagination) to make everything work.  After my idea, I begin to create little goals which I will achieve, but I had to initially create a vision to start this whole process.  To achieve a long-term goal requires patience and patience as they say is a virtue.  Without it, the long term plan is likely to fail.

Vision is the first step to anything of the above to happen.  Vision is the act or full power of the imagination.  Vision is your initial dream involving imagination to make it happen.

Think of your long-term goals and what your dreams are. Finalize a long-term plan starting first with your imagination.

Thank you for reading about vision today.  I hope it has created some insight within yourself for your own long-term goals.  Remember:   We are a work in progress and are not perfect, but we strive everyday to be better and are exactly where we are supposed to be.

This website is under construction and after my plan comes full circle,  you will see how easy it will be to work from there.  Membership will have a $4.00 charge but the first fifty people will get their membership free to sign up to Daily Wisdom Words.  To sign up,  you simply go to the website,, and in the top left-hand corner you will see a place where you will click on to sign up for membership.

Thank you so much for reading daily wisdom words today, and I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf


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