How many Poets out there write their Poetry is Prose style?  Let us take a look at the meaning of Prose in our Webster Dictionary:  1.  written or spoken language in its ordinary form . 2.  talk tediously  3.  plain writing, discourse, or expression . 2.  another term for sequence  3.  compose or convert into prose .

Prose is a writing style that suggests that rhyming is not always necessary in Poetry.  I know many excellent Poets who write in Prose style, and their poetry is beautiful and flowing, even though part of the definition of Prose is lack of metrical structure, and their poetry does not follow any.  Their poetry is expressive and beautiful, and they don’t have to have it rhyme to be a poem.

What style of Poetry do you write in?  With myself, I feel poetry must rhyme yet some of our most famous Poets wrote in Prose style, leaving me to wonder if a poem lacking in metrical structure isn’t harder to write than a poem with written or metrical structure that rhymes.  There are so many types of Poetry that can be written in everyday language, and these poems are lovely.

Prose writing is a format in itself, using everyday language and lack of structure, yet creating something beautiful.  Have you ever tried to write in Prose format if your like me, and feel a poem should rhyme?

Today, what I would like to see, is Poetry, not only using the word Prose within its verses, but poetry that is written in prose style.  Believe it or not, it is harder to write than poetry that rhymes in many instances. Also, if you have not signed up for your membership, you may now do so at no cost as I am not charging the first fifty members a membership fee so get those registrations in as soon as your able.  Things are progressing with this webpage, but remember that it is under construction and bear with me while this is the case.

Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful and blessed day.


Samantha Leboeuf

Daily Wisdom Words

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