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Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

-Helen Keller

The mistake most writers make is that they feel so confident that they can promote their art alone. It is very possible to do the aforementioned especially with social media in vogue but the outcome would be very minute.

But i have many friends on Twitter and Facebook? No doubt about that. You may probably have fifteen thousand followers on Twitter and Facebook or any other social media platform but the question is how many of these followers would gladly read your art and appreciate it? Maybe fifteen out of fifteen thousand followers.

If we deeply root ourselves in the statistics of people that read and appreciate our art, it would be family members and close friends who want to support. Now tell me, do you think this to be the i don’t think writing is for me or they hate my art speech? No! it is not.

The implication is that;

  • You definitely have the wrong audience
  • You have no or little advertising skills
  • No or little idea of what people want

A year ago, in the heart of Kogi State, Nigeria, the art of writing became stronger and i knew it would diminish if not appreciated or longed for. I pressed on because like you, i had less than fifteen people telling me how good my art was after reading it.

In one of my many attempts to spread the gospel of my art on social media, i stumbled on a writing community called DAILY WISDOM WORDS. I was shocked at the many comments that came from the community after posting a poem of mine as contribution to a writing prompt.

Long story short, i was conscripted by one of the owners of the writing community and the magic manifested. Why do you need a writing community? The why to this question is many. I am going to try to list the few i know.

  1. Connecting with the right audience
  2. Writing Jobs
  3. First hand information about writing contest
  4. Healthy criticism
  5. Learning more writing techniques
  6. Appreciation

Like i said, the why to the question is many. You may even have some right now. As a writer, you need to be part of a writing community either online or physical. Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying you should not stop how you do what you do when it comes to promoting your art. All i am saying is that you join a writing community that would make it easier.

You can join us today for $10 and be a better writer. All you need do is click on the link below and you’d be part of us in minutes.


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