“Listen. People start to heal the moment they feel heard.”
-Cheryl Richardson

Happy Memorial day, everyone! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. This post is a little bit different than my usual posts the format of which I’ve done once before.

Last Tuesday night was a very rough night for me. Bad news was coming at me from every direction and I felt hopelessly lost. When I put that out on Twitter, I got a tweet and a DM from a friend and a fellow writer that snapped me out of the urge of doing something drastic. Without going into tedious details, the overall message was simple: I had an outlet through her if I needed.

It got me thinking how many people just need someone to tell them that. Not be a knight in shining armor, not promise to make everything right, but just listen.

I have done this one other time and I am doing it again. If you’re reading this post, tell me how you’re feeling in the comments. Good, bad, indifferent and/or everything else in between. How much detail you go into is entirely up to you.

Having a bad day? Tell me about it. Grateful for something? Tell me about it. Something particularly bothering you? Use the space below to vent out your frustrations. Don’t have much to say? Say a simple “hey” or “what’s up.” I’ll respond to every comment.

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Shirley Satterfield (@guest_6621)
10 months ago

What’s on my mind today is that I am a little hurt today because someone at church reacted to one of my poetry reading videos with an angry 😡 faced emoji like this one, and then denied sending it when confronted. And the son of another church member just graduated from high school and when I offered to buy a book as a graduation gift about his interests and she simply said that the boy liked video games, something I don’t think is an appropriate gift for a young adult on his way to college. This had just been a… Read more »

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