It is not new under the sun that people misuse some substance just to get out of misery or attain courage. This has, over the years, led to the death of many who could not break away from this habit.

Addiction is not limited to drug. It could be internet, food, game, alcohol etc. I want everyone to know that we can help these people kill this addiction by staying away from it. We can do this by embracing them and showing them love.

In the spirit of showing love, I’d like you to see the picture, compose a poem with the words in the title, and share with us on DWW.

Remember, you’re doing this for all those people who cannot control the urge when it comes to absorbing substance like alcohol, hemp, marijuana, etc.

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Michael Clark (@guest_6596)
10 months ago

Veins scream.
Body revolts.
Crave the elixir.
A bump, a jolt.
Stomach rebels, salt water bowels.
Need the potion, require it now.
Nothing else matters.
No family or kin.
Give it to me!
Shaking, begging, crying.
Pride out the door.
Need what I need, and need it some more.

Shay Manko (@guest_6593)
10 months ago

I Need Help. I’m alone & on my own. Do you want some company?
I’m not good company though, will you join me? I want to change.
I don’t want to be this way. Is there a normal? I don’t feel normal.
Can we escape from this madness?
Have you got anywhere we can go?
Please! 🙏

Kattt (@guest_6577)
10 months ago

There is a way out
You should know
You don’t need this hell
Theres somewhere you can go
Take the first steps
I know you’ll be scared
But remember before
You had people that cared
Make the break know
Make the right choice
Fight your demons
Find your true voice

Kattt (@guest_6575)
10 months ago

Collapsed veins
Blood crusted skin
A feeling of hopelessness
Residing within
The come-downs hurt
The loneliness prevails
But the earth blowing high
Just about tips the scales
The money runs out
The burning need for more
The life of an addict
Needing to score

Kattt (@guest_6573)
10 months ago

Blurred lines
Lines crossed
Always searching
But souls lost
Skin crawls
The need intense
Veins fuzzy
Nothing makes sense
Detached from family
Disengaged from reality
A stranger to sobriety
Rejected by society
Rejected by yourself
A victim of your physical
And your mental health

Reenie (@guest_6572)
10 months ago

‪My addiction ‬
‪To you‬
‪You’re all I want‬
‪I’m out ‬
‪Of control‬
‪Why is our ‬
‪Energy so ‬
‪Misaligned ‬
‪You don’t ‬
‪Answer my‬
‪Calls ‬
‪I lay here ‬
‪With our‬
‪Song on-‬
‪My soul ‬
‪Taunts me‬
‪With our‬
‪Love u put‬
‪On hold‬
‪Maybe it’s ‬
‪Time for ‬
‪Rehab I think ‬
‪I don’t know ‬
‪As I hit repeat‬

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