Taking the Right Advice

“The people with the best advice are usually the ones who have been through the most.”

I’ve written several posts before about listening to your heart when it comes to major decisions. I’ve talked about how manu people will try to dictate your life path but ultimately, everything’s up to you.

Given that Samantha and I are starting an advice section on this site, I’ve recently asked myself when is it okay to listen to others? When do you finally throw in the towel and tell yourself you need help?

In my opinion, it boils to several small factors and one major factor. The big one being experience.

This is not discredit certification of any kind. There are certainly a number of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists out there that know what they’re doing.

However, experience teaches you things a degree can’t. It teaches the people giving advice empathy. When you tell someone of a problem that they’ve had before, they relatable factor will allow them to give deeper advice rather than what logic would dictate what they SHOULD be saying.

I look at myself and Samantha and think we’re the perfect people to give advice because we’ve both had our share of major ups and downs.

To sum it up, listen to what your heart tells you. When you reach a stage at which you need advice, seek out someone who’s had experience. Seek out someone who’s been in your shoes.

Do you agree with that criteria when seeking advice from someone? Do you think experience is as good of a qualification as expertise? Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
1 year ago

Thanks so much Neel, for your WISE words! You add so much with your words on paper. Imagine how great you will be speaking to a member on the phone about an issue. I know you’ve given me incredible advice and am thankful for that. Your a wonderful partner and I am so glad we have teamed up together to do such a challenging and heartfelt way to help others. You raise a great point. Which approach is best? The professional psychiatrist who can write prescriptions, or the counselor who is licensed, or someone they know or a as a… Read more »

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