Daily Wisdom Words appreciates so much any donations you choose to give. Part of the proceeds are used to support all writers with this website as the tool. We love new members, and will do whatever we have to to support literacy throughout the world. Poetry and Poetry Prompts including the Music Prompt, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, encourage all writers to contribute content and these prompts are hosted, live with a host to respond to all entries. We also support all writers of any kind, encouraging literacy around the world. Daily Wisdom Words, LLC is an international company and we choose to donate part of any donation to UNICEF. We chose UNICEF as the charity of choice because of the good they do around the world, feeding the hungry and poor, supporting education, helping children around the world. This holds great passion and meaning to us as children are simply innocent victims led by the direction and opportunities we offer them.

Literacy, Child Diseases and starvation are just a few of the many areas UNICEF helps in. Children are our future and the future of this world. UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood on. Literacy is just one of those areas supported through education. Poetry, which our website considers to be a major part of creative writing, is becoming less a part of education then in our past. Writing Poetry or creative writing, is one of the few things we can do to utilize both the right and left side of our brain. This makes poetry invaluable and “Wise Poets of Present and Past”, hosted and written by Shirley Satterfield, an award winning poet, writes articles every Saturday which are a part of our website, https://dailywisdomwords.com.

Shirley provides fascinating information and education on famous poets of the past and upcoming poets showing natural, exceptional talent. She is in the process of writing and collecting poems from members, authors, and other poets she notices on Social Media who show what it takes to be future successes.

Our Authors of books of any genre is also another key to supporting education. Children that love to read, love to learn. Daily Wisdom Words, LLC does everything possible to support authors by offering book reviews that are approximately half the cost of other book reviews. We also publish these reviews on our website and help promote these authors and the books they’ve poured their heart and soul into writing, by posting the book name and author and a small excerpt about the book on Facebook and Twitter.

The reviews are also published on Amazon. We encourage all writers young and old, and ask for your donations so we may continue our work. Reading, authoring, and writing poetry as well as creative writing could not be more important with so many negative paths available to our youth. Help, with you monthly or one-time donation to support our work so we, as well as UNICEF may continue doing what we do for Literacy.

Simply, by becoming a member for the $10 one time fee is another way to help! We want to grow, and you can help us! Thank you in advance for your donations.

Samantha LeBoeuf/Founder, Daily Wisdom Words, LLC.

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