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10 Reasons Why You Should Become A Member

1. Personal Social Media Profile

This is step one after joining. Take your time. Build your social media page. Upload photos/videos of your personal work and a clear mini-resume. This creates credibility with your followers and readers and also, YOU!

2. Resources For A Successful And Fun Writing Career

With a DWW membership, you will have the resources to become successful or enjoy a more successful writing career. The social media profile you have created may be shared by tweeting FROM our website,, and you may also share with twitter and facebook FROM our website as well. Soon, you will also have this option with instagram too! This is a powerful tool allowing you the ability to enjoy your membership while actively participating still with other social media sites.

3. Brain Exercises

Poetry and Writing strengthens literary skills using both the left and right side of the brain.

4. Our Online Store

We offer you things such as discounted Book Reviews, (we read every word of your book). The book reviews are detailed and compelling. We also offer "Custom Poetry" as well as our first Daily Wisdom Words Anthology written containing poetry from our staff and members. Custom poetry is the perfect gift for you if your looking for a gift for the loved one who is hard to shop for, or has a special occasion coming up. question form for you to fill out telling your personal poet what makes your loved one so special. You then will send this to your personal poet who will call you to set up a 30 minute phone interview. We want your "Custom Poetry" to be perfect for your loved one whether it be for an anniversary, birthday, Retirement, Christmas Present, or any other occasion. We will then write the poetry for you and you will receive a call and email where you let us know if this is exactly what you were looking for. We then edit any changes for you. This gift is nominal, because it is so unusual and unique. It can run up to $195 depending on the frame, font and length of poem. However, your loved one will appreciate it forever and there is no better feeling than this or better investment.

5. Cost Of Membership

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6. Live Prompts

LIVE prompts to have fun and encourage/strengthen writing skills on Mon. Wed, Fri. challenging writer's intellectually.

7. Community Writing Page

Community Writing Page available anytime to all writers to post their poetry or latest book release.

8. Counseling available with Mental Health Advocates

Counseling available to members with Mental Health Advocates-Mental Health Advocates are not licensed therapists. They however, can give excellent advice and listen. They can refer you to the Director of this program as well, retired Psychologist, Dr. Shanni Dover.

9. We Give To Charity

Daily Wisdom Words donates a small percentage of proceeds above overhead to UNICEF for children.

10. Network With Others Just Like You

Being able to network/friend others like you OR join in forums that have topics that interest you. You may also start your own forum. Share your writing with others on “Community Corner”, aka Community Writing Page.

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