The word for today’s prompt is above and sky. A big warm gorgeous and adorable welcome goes out to you. I’m glad you’re reading this. This is Daily Wisdom Words, a community for writers. SIGN UP today if you find our community of writers wonderful.

Big thanks to Donna Marie, our newest member, for providing this amazing picture for Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. Isn’t it lovely? As writers we have many muse but a common one is Nature. It is broad. Yes! It truly is broad. Well that’s not what I want us to talk about today. Today is solely about above and sky.

I feel Inspired. How about you? Let’s talk about the picture above using above and sky in our poems. To join the prompt,

– See the picture

– Compose a poem inspired by picture with words in title ‘above and sky’

– Tag a friend

– Share with us

It’s that easy. Remember, above and sky is the word. Let’s do this!


Abuh Monday Eneojo
Monday Abuh is a poet and author of three books.
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[…] just occurred to me that Friday’s Picture Poetry Prompt was about the firmament: sun and moon. That’s not all. Monday’s Picture Poetry Prompt […]

6 months ago

Delirium Storms

How do we not fall crazy
your sky dominates
haunting my day dreams
a song that never stops.

You can walk away forever
kissing me goodbye
stealing my heart
till you say hello baby.

Delirium storms above us
a fire we cannot contain
and it’s just as you knew
when you found me again.

6 months ago

Monday, you’re wonderful. 

6 months ago

I look above At the universe And love what I see It’s more than just the sky to me During the day it can be a stunning blue Full of sunshine and warmth Or a grey clouds trickle rain or snow Or maybe just be white and puffy Where if you lay on the ground You can see animals floating by At night it is a mystery Stars and planets And the moon That can be full or partial It’s something we’re learning about every day The sky is full of mystery But beautiful all the same I look above… Read more »

6 months ago

Awe thank you Abuh- It was so long I didn’t want to add to him but at that point I should’ve just. I’ll always remember Just Breathe! ❤️🤗❤️🤗

Reply to  Reenie

so very beautiful and well deserving…Thank you my bff for your generous nature….I love you, Sam

Reply to  Reenie

so very beautiful and well deserving…Thank you my bff for your generous nature….I love you, Sam

Anneke Cronander
6 months ago

Fresh buds
On spring branches;
Just tiny nodules
Waiting to burst.
Clinging tightly
Against the wind.
To make it
To a day warm enough
To crack open their husks
So they can display
Their delicate beauty.

6 months ago

Above the sky
brazen wild
i imagine us
holding hands
the pain of our
sorrows settles
stirrings the wind
like dropping blooms
our heads bowed down
withering in loss yet
anxious love is ever ours
yielding in a detente
n shadows fall behind
as memories
takes in the sun.

Last edited 6 months ago by Abuh Monday Eneojo
6 months ago

It is on the site😊

6 months ago


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