Why is devotion such an important Daily Wisdom Word?  Being devoted to anything also means being committed to it.  I believe being able to be devoted to a cause if that cause is for something positive.  Devotion means caring about something enough to do whatever is required to make it work.  Before going any further, let’s share the definition of devotion is in our Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Words Definition is for the word, devotion.

Webster Dictionary Meaning for Devotion-1.  love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.  2.  religious worship or observance   3.  Prayers or religious services.   

Daily Wisdom Word Definition for devotion-1.  Caring about something enough to use your actions and words to support a cause, belief, or person and following through with it until the end. 

Have you ever felt completely devoted to someone or a cause to support the definition of devotion?  I feel this way when I think of my children or my family,  or my belief in God.  I am willing to defend what I believe in and even fight for it, if necessary.  When I feel completely devoted to a cause or a family member or my husband or the Lord, I will defend whichever one of these it is.  

Our devotion takes time to develop.  This is because we need to feel that deep loyalty first, or love, which then develops into devotion.  Devotion should be in our genetic makeup if we feel deep passion about anything.  Many times in life, we go through periods of depression or what I call, feeling emotionally and spiritually dead.  We may notice this feeling if we have ever made a huge mistake in our lives. We may also notice this feeling when we have been deeply hurt emotionally by someone we care very much for or have ever been deeply in love with this person.

Devotion is a strong emotion and very useful to us when we are pursuing a just cause and need our loyalty and empowerment to do so.  Devotion to one’s mate is also one of the most powerful emotions we feel and show.  If you’ve ever felt this feeling, it can be wonderful.  However, should this same relationship we’re ending, the same feeling of devotion can crumble into anger as the deeper the devotion is in a love relationship, the deeper the passion.  My point is, no matter what context we feel devotion, it is associated with a deeper level of emotion.  

Thanks so much for reading about devotion today, and how it applies itself in our relationships whether it be a love relationship or something we love, or devotion we feel for writing about things that we feel are important.  If you are going through an intense relationship ending, you may need some guidance to get out of it and find inner peace again.  You may join daily wisdom words for a limited time for just $5 for a lifetime membership!  As a member, if you are needing help accepting relationships ending, please reach out to our page once you are a member by going to our website page: and our Mental Health Advocates, (We are not technically licensed counselors but do have training in a variety of areas) and fill out our advice form letting us know who you’d prefer talking with, and what inspired you to ask for help and some other basic information.  Someone will be in touch with you asap.  Daily Wisdom Words is a large writing community designed for all types of writers and is a premier writing website with many helpful articles by our award-winning author, Shirley Satterfield.     

after your done reading this article, I would really like to know what you think, so please leave a comment, poem or quote at the bottom of the page where it says, “join the discussion” in the rectangle box. 

Thanks so much, Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW











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Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
1 year ago

Bodeans ~ True Devotion – YouTube › watch

Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
1 year ago
Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
1 year ago

First song I ever heard from the BoDeans. This song means the world to me.

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
1 year ago

A really great subject to meditate on, Sam! I am devoted to God, my little family of two people and one feline, and to helping mankind through the #dailywisdomwords community.♥️

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_3946)
1 year ago

Thanks so much, Shirley!!!! Love your comment!

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