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What is the difference between being a great person and being an exceptional one?  If one can measure exceptionalism, how much more distance do we have to go to achieve exceptionalism?

Before I give my thoughts on this question, I would first like to see what the actual definition in our Webster Dictionary is for exceptionalism.

Exceptionalism-1.  The condition of being different than the norm  2.  Unusual, not typical.  Unusually good;  outstanding.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition for exceptionalism-Those persons or things that stand out above others, because they shine with beauty in one form or another.

My definition for exceptionalism is different than the Webster Dictionary this time much more than most times.  First of all I don’t believe any of us are ever really “normal”.  For normal to be a definition for human beings when each of us is different more than alike, as we are made to be one of a kind by God, is hard for me to accept.

It is true we should look at our likenesses overall with others, rather than our differences, but we should also know that there is more to being human than our likenesses.  Each of us, each and every one of us has something that makes us exceptional.  Whether or not we choose to develop this is up to us, but I believe in my heart there is still something naturally exceptional we don’t have to work at to be exceptional.   We were born with this one special quality, and this is the very exception when we should focus on our difference from others.

Exceptionalism can be developed in many areas for all of us.  I still however, believe there is something we are born with God gave us we simply “just have been gifted with”.  Exceptionalism is defined as above normal according to the Webster Dictionary, but I would like just one of us to define normalcy when we are all different in one form or another.

The above is my definition of exceptionalism.  I think something that truly makes us exceptional is when we can see the “shine within another.”   I define this by being able to see specifically or at least come close to knowing what makes another person exceptional, after you figure out within you what makes yourself so.

There are those “movie stars, and pro-ball players, and Stars of many kinds, but when you have depth, that exceptionalism of another, isn’t always easily defined, yet your exceptional simply by being able to see what this one particular quality is with another.  This quality is not something “developed”.  It is simply “just there”.

I also believe we are born with qualities we are very good at that we can develop into a different type of exceptionalism so I separate the one natural quality God gives us that makes us exceptional and different than those we have to work at starting with simply being very good at something.

If anything you have read here today, registers, or feels right in some way, I want you to focus on it, because the one quality that naturally makes us exceptional is the “one difference” we don’t have to work at, and we need to be able to define it within ourselves.  This is when it is necessary to have faith and strength, because some of us have to work harder at figuring out what this God-given quality is.

Knowing what makes us exceptional, allows us to help others because we are very clear on what this quality is, and can utilize it to help others.  I feel happy in this moment, writing this, because perhaps, maybe just maybe, this very thing I am writing right now, is what makes me exceptional.  We should be grateful for whatever this quality is that makes us naturally exceptional  and use use it to serve others, and expand ourselves as individuals.

Thank you so much for reading about being exceptional today. When you are feeling down inside, always keep your shininess clear within your mind, so you can remind yourself of this.  This will not be the quality you have to work at:  It will be so natural, it is simply what makes you truly “special”.

Beneath this article, is a place to “join the discussion”.  It would mean a lot to me to have each of you that comment, let me know how you feel your exceptional, no matter how insignificant you think it is.  At some point, in your life, it will be the ereatheal quality that shines within you.

Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words




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