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The Mirrors of our Mind

The Mirrors of our Mind

by: Guildford Windley

The Mirrors of our Mind
We live in a house of mirrors
A place where what you see may not be
We told to listen up, and they tell us what we see
Do not think beyond the words you told
Even if you know they are unbelievable
For you to live in a house of mirrors
The truth is not what it maybe
Don’t pay a mind to those who don’t think in a kind
For the truth is spun by the public relations guys
What you see and hear, are to keep you in a spin
Locked in a world where you have no control
Blind are you to the truth
Your head buried in the sand
The distractions that they use they reach and grab from your soul
Your hates and prejudice they manipulate to cause descent and drive a wedge between us
Divided we fall like dominoes in a row lost in the bickering that they have sowed
We live in a house of mirrors, mirrors that reflect what they want us to see
For the rich and the powerful, the wealth that they have must be retained by creating a world of their own making
Just a few controls a lot, we have no say in their plot
Manipulated tools are we at the hand’s aristocracy
Like puppets on a string, they pull the cord and we sing the song they want to hear
A world of allusion to keep us in confusion
All the strife’s and wars
They play all sides and riches they receive
While people die and children cry, their home no more
Yes we all are blind, and walk a line like ants on a kitchen floor toting goods for the overlord
Nothing changes, in reality, they just rearrange our perceptions
The mirrors that surround new reflections of the old is what we see
We are made to feel that we have a say, but they say we have is not real in any way
This is our world control by a few, they tell us what to do
They keep us blind to what is the truth and we do not see their hands in all the greed for the distractions they give to us in the mirrors that we see
The world will not change, the rich will not free us the wealth they mean to keep
So here we are in a world of despair, a crumbling world at that
We live in fear and never see beyond the mirrors that they use to keep us in place
But if we all rise up in rage and break the mirrors that chain us
If we seek the truth hidden between the lines
Freedom is worth the fight, and the truth is the key to break the chains that will open our eyes and free us.
Guildford H Windley
August 11, 2019

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