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LEADERS                                                                          ARE YOU A LEADER OR FOLLOWER?

Leaders:  are you a leader or a follower?

Our Daily Wisdom Word, Leaders, is a special one because not all of us are leaders, and they make things happen.  What is a leader?  a leader is a teacher.  They have a plan of action before we do, and they are not afraid to express or try the plan. There are two kinds of leaders.   “Positive Leaders” are inspirational. This is the type of leader we will focus on today.  We can’t help but admire them, because they always seem to have the answers whether it be in a work environment, or a friendship.  Not all of their ideas are perfect, but they are at least a plan to take action. 

Followers think of ideas, but sometimes don’t have the confidence to express these thoughts and carry them forward to the next step.  Followers sometimes don’t have an issue with confidence, but are simply shy.  I understand the leader and the follower well.  I used to be a follower.  I was afraid in a group to speak up for fear of what others might think of me.  As I have gotten older, my role has definitely changed.  I have passion and care very much for others.  I am not afraid to give someone advice, even if they don’t ask for it.  This can be an issue as well because sometimes, we simply need someone to listen without judgement.  I founded Daily Wisdom Words, and it seems to have inspired many writers instilling confidence in their abilities.  

We sometimes play both roles.  We tend to gravitate more to one side or the other and this tells us who we are.  Followers like leaders being the main character and implementing a plan.  This for the follower sometimes is a relief.  It is one less burden they have to take on in life.  If a leader’s plan fails, the follower does not bear the main portion of responsibility.  

We will consult the Webster Dictionary and see what the meaning of a leader is.

Webster definition of Leader-1.  the person who leads or commands a group, organization or charity.  2.  the principle player.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of leader-one who has enough self-confidence to express a game plan to others naturally.  

Some of us do not play both roles.  There are those people that are born leaders.  They think of a solution to a problem and speak out.  They are not afraid to share ideas.  They seem to have a knack with wisdom and gravitate towards successful solutions.  I watch my daughter.  She is a born leader.  I feel inspired around her.  She showed leadership with her friends with great social ideas and they were happy to have her be their leader.  She is never afraid to give great suggestions, shows wisdom beyond her years, and I tend to hold back when I am with her, because she likes this role.  Leaders are natural parents.  They make the job look easy.  Leaders are able to focus on more than one thing at a time.  Leaders also are generally type A personalities.  Leaders set the example, good or bad and other gravitate towards their plan.  Leaders generally pick a submissive mate who is not threatened by them leading or setting up their plans.  A follower is a great partner for a leader because their viewpoint is it is one less thing they have to worry about having a plan, they just need to follow directions.

Leaders are also charismatic.  Let’s talk a little about the personality of a follower.  These individuals think before they speak their thoughts.  They are smart in this way, knowing if they don’t supply the idea to make a plan work, they also don’t bear responsibility if the leader’s plan fails.  Followers are good listeners, and are good at implementing others ideas.  Once a plan of action by the leader has been decided, followers are happy to make suggestions.  Followers tend to be more introverted.  You decide after giving it some thought.  Are you a leader or a follower?  beneath this post is a rectangle box titled, “join the discussion”.  I would love to hear if you are a follower or leader and why you believe so.  Leave me a comment, and let’s start a discussion.  This is a fascinating topic to converse on.  

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NEEL TRIVEDI (@guest_6110)
11 months ago

Excellent post, Samantha! I would also like to add that a good leader also knows when to become a follower, if only temporarily, to learn the things that they can then pass on to others. And while I’m at it, let me also say that you are a tremendous leader of the DWW family!

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
11 months ago

A truly thought provoking piece, Sam. I think a good leader is a person who is also a good follower. Jesus was the greatest teacher on earth, for example, but he took orders also from the Father. God led Jesus and Jesus led us. And He taught his followers that the greatest leaders among us is the leader who serves. It seems that the best relationship between the leader and the follower is give and take, The God I serve is the great equalizer.

NEEL TRIVEDI (@guest_6111)
11 months ago

We seem to be on the same page Shirley as I also expressed a similar sentiment in my reply to this post!

Abuh Monday Eneojo (@mondaydpoet)
11 months ago

I think I’m a leader. I know this because I’m not shy to exact ideas.

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
11 months ago

Yes. You are very creative and smart like that.

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