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How do maintain productivity?  What can we do to become motivated when our mood is sad or low?  I recently have posed this question to myself.  It is more difficult by far to get things done when we are depressed.  I am dealing with the grief of my little sister being ill without a cure, and the sadness that surrounds my family like a black cloud hanging over me.  My sister has a tumor directly on the voice box of her neck, and she can’t talk.  If I ever felt down, really down, it would be her I would call.  Although she is three years younger, she was able to give some of the best advice and did so with patience. 

These feelings I am having keep me from feeling very motivated to do things.  I know, however, the first step to getting out of this black cloud is to become productive.  It is proving to be more challenging to me to do so due to the circumstances with my sister.  I find with my own depression being motivated with productivity extremely difficult.  Let us take a look at the definition of productivity in our Webster Dictionary.  

Productivity-The rate of production through new biomass by an individual, population, or community.

Daily Wisdom Word definition of productivity-being motivated to get done what is necessary with responsibilities in our lives.  Being able to exceed these expectations.

The following are suggestions to be productive when down.  1.  take one small step towards a small goal.  This will lead to additional steps and small successes.  2.  make a list each morning of things you feel you can get done.  3.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you don’t succeed with your list.  4.  Take a small nap.  This can change your entire mood.  5.  take care of yourself physically.  6.  talk to a friend.  7.  reach out to a counselor or social worker for additional help.  7.  Should this kind of depression last a long time, perhaps it is time to consider medication, even on a temporary basis.  

Thanks so much for reading about productivity today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.  Join daily wisdom words now for a lifetime for a one-time fee of $10.  If you have writer’s block or want to be a better writer, this entire website and all that we include will take you on that journey.   Samantha Leboeuf

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