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There is a painstakingly ridiculous way to die; trying not to die. Addressing suicide has been quite ludicrous and most people, especially psychologists, have tried to come to a point they get to say for sure the reason people take or try to take their own lives in the world today.

Psychologists believe that depression is the sole reason for suicide. Do you agree? Well, I am not in anyway going to dispute that fact, no. I will not. I have this to say about it. Yes, depression is the sole reason for suicide in the world today. The problem is, people are now so skilled in the art of hiding pain with almost deceitful smile which is a big problem when you really want to help.

This was the reason I started a free hug campaign in 2019, a year that featured an increase in suicide rate in Nigeria, India and other countries. All i could think of was hug anyone intimately and ask if they were okay. It was very effective. You cannot hide anything from me at that point even if you want to.

Everyone feels down at some point and this singular act begets a rush of depressing and most times angry thoughts that pollinates an utmost dramatic flare. Well, regret is the next plot in the story and most people choose not to tell it. They prefer  to live with the trauma of trying not to think themselves as killers. READ SAMANTHA LEBOEUF ARTICLE ON REGRET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT REGRET

I have my own fair share of regret. It may be minute but I hate it when I see the scar of my arm. I was so damn angry that evening that I had to go buy a blade and…

The easy way out is not in any way the way out. It is only the way in! The sooner you realize it. The better it will be. #SayNoToSuicide

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Depression and Suicide

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[…] 2019, the rate of suicide increased rapidly in some parts of Nigeria as well countries beyond her shores that I really do not […]

Olayinka kayode Kingsley (@guest_9120)
2 months ago

So many challenges resurrect into… It awesome to know that someone cares

titilayo Ogunyombo (@guest_9099)
2 months ago

One thing I’ve learnt hug campaign

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