Prodigies are individuals that exhibit special skills at an early age.  Prodigies can show signs of their abilities as soon as early childhood.  I know parents rave about their own children and of course, think favorably about their own children.  However, I truly did witness a child prodigy with my friend's son.  By the time he was 8 months, he was walking.  He was saying full sentences as early as one year old.  He started reading after working with him at three years old.  My friend never had to force learning on him.  They truly enjoyed the time they spent together, "playing school".  I watched and waited to see if others noticed our assessment of him academically.  His family was called for a meeting by the school board when he was in first grade.  They had a meeting and his academic ability in math and reading was excelled to the point, they jumped him up a grade. When he was just 17 years old,  He went on to start Stanford for his Bachelor's in Political Science and graduated in two and a half years after graduating as Salutatorian in his class.  He went on to graduate law school and became one of the youngest attorneys to be accepted as a Law Associate.  His most recent achievement was to make partner at one of the top litigation firms in Colorado.

Sounds peachy, doesn't it?  To say my friend and her husband were proud parents would be an understatement.  However, there is always a flip side and I share my friend's story today so that other parents dealing with excelled children academically, physically, and psychologically can learn from it.  When you take a child who started young anyway is excelled them one grade, you need to take into consideration the social ramifications this may overwhelming.  Her son never had many friends.  Most social activities did not interest him.  She literally had to invite the neighborhood boy over several times, before he made friends with him.  He did not start dating at the average age and seemed to have little interest in girls at an early age.  I don't really think he enjoyed school socially very much.  He enjoyed being a part of the French and Spanish club in High School.  The friends he did make, were few, but he always stayed friends with him, and is still friends with them today.  He met his current Fiancee' after just dating one other woman.  He managed to gain so much confidence through success he began to fit in socially with his mentors, clients,

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