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A Father’s Day Remembrance

A Father’s Day Remembrance

by: Guildford Windley

A Father’s Day Remembrance
Ripples in the fabric of my mind bring forth another time
In a place, we left long ago, a rustic image of what there was
Way back then, so many of those we knew of family, friends, and foes
Acquaintances that had come and gone
Faces of those all in a time so long ago
Yet the laughter and the tears
The happiness and the fears
The struggles that we knew, ah such is life
Some words in anger that were said, like little cut upon the heart leaves, scare that is hidden adds wounds that never heal
But there were hugs and word joy that I hope bring balance to the heart
No, for sure, I was never perfect
Seems each step, I fell along the way and had to overcome the pain
But somehow you found the way to be the one you are today
I just hope and pray that some of me shape your way
Times we shared, encouragement that was always there
Those days have come and gone, the faces of some who we knew are memories left back in the sands of time.
The world has been on this path and we have seen the world change
Each summer, fall, winter, and spring has passed
You were so little at first, I could not look away for I fear you would float away, I could not be sure you were real on that first day
Your beauty in your mother’s arms caught my eye
I could see a child of destiny that grew before my eyes
Now the days are growing dim for me
The adventures that we had are of another day, a time when we were young
Now, I see a child who climbed to the highest tree
Who has crossed the mountains and the valleys
Yes, a child no more for me to watch over
A person who can find the way, one who can stand on their own
Not afraid to try to conquer the walls of fear that they may face
Yes, the seed of my life was sowed and has grown to be the person that you become.
But the time it is moving all too fast, more faces we have lost
The haze within, the mind of our fleeting time
So short is life upon this earth, each moment is worth all the gold that the world has
But in our busy lives, we let those precious moments slip through our hands
Unto the winds, they blow, lost in the recesses of the mind
But please know this so, I may have done a thing or two right. I hope, I taught you and brought to you the tools you need to have.
Although you were the child and was the dad, in lots of ways you were the teacher and I was the student
It was through you I learned to be a man!
Guildford H Windley
June 16, 2019

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