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A Look Into Us

A Look Into Us

by: Guildford Windley

A Look into Us
But what of the fireflies caught in a jar
The fireflies light will go out and die for our amusement
But what of a butterfly that never leaves its cocoon
Its habitat destroyed for the benefit of man
What if a field that once wildflowers grew
Now stands cold steel and stone above the paved overland
What of a life how much is it worth
Mankind has no right to take a life; for that life has its own worth and a right to live
Tell me of hate for those you don’t know
For hate is cancer driven into your brain by a clique of small-minded souls
Tell me of rage that so blinds reason of mind
A festering within that drives the blaming of others for the failures of your past
Why is the cry of the people of color not heard?
For the privilege, the power the white man will not share. His mind is closed due to fear
Where does it say we can take a life just because we’re white?
Dead are the people in cities, towns, villages and in Indian nations
Dead are people of color on the streets or in their home it does not matter for white power is the sole motivator
My questions are just some, many more should be asked
The answers are dust in the wind, but the truth will prevail, for the lies cannot hide when there’s a curious mind
Why do we say in God do we trust; when in truth we have forsaken all of what little God asks of us.
Guildford H Windley
May 17, 2020

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