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A Matter of Constitutional Importance

A Matter of Constitutional Importance

by: Guildford Windley

A Matter of Constitutional Importance
Democracy and freedom were gifts of forefathers paid for in blood!
The freedoms that we hold so dear, but take for granted each and every day of the year.
No the freedoms that we cherish, these so dear to us, they are not for sale but without vigilance can be lost.
Those who thought to lay claim, and to alter this country course through wars and uprising those that try to rise above the crowds with their righteous indignations are those who seek the power to control the nation.
Ever vigilance must we be or be thwarted from our liberty, for the freedom we will lose for sure if no stand does we take when corruption ugly face appears.
If no Person will rise with guts and fortitude to say nay to those that would oppress by word or deed.
Yes, those that power was freely given by decreed and took an oath of office, upon a holy book to serve the people with responsibility.
Allegiance to the rule of law, a sworn oath to the Constitution of our land and all, they did take.
But there are those, who yearn to be a monarch to rule as King to lay waste to the common good for all to rape and plunder the people of the land.
For under a rule of tyranny, the band of thieves will take for themselves as they commend, to enrich themselves with pocks full of gold, yea no one to stand up to the injustice, they all turn their eyes for they fear if they raise their voices they will surely die.
All the while, the people are laid barren by injustice and for fear of repercussions brave men turn their heads or close their eyes, at the would-be kings, illegal actions, no word is spoken up in protest of his violations.
Each and every time that the person who we place in a position to protect and defend our law, violates those laws and lays disrespect to his office by forging on with his own agenda makes his own law and rules then the rule of law for the common good is diminished.
The crimes that are committed in the name of the would-be king, are omitted from the public eye and hidden from the truth, no justice for the common good give peril at our expense and without consequence, to the freedoms that we cherish are diminish.
For if we close our eyes and look away, turn our heads and do not care to take a stand, when the truth is being changed by the sleight of hand, and of words that bend the mind, a con that leaves one blind to the truth.
Then freedom and democracy will crumble and like dust blow away with the wind leaving barren the souls of the human spirit, shackled in tyranny for they had not the courage of their forefathers.
In ruin, lost are the will and the hopes and dreams of a nation, a nation born by the acts of brave people in desperation for the fresh air of freedom.
In two hundred forty-four years since are declaration- We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
For over two centuries these words have been pay for in the blood of our ancestors who would not yield to the aggressors. They stood and fought and many died or suffered at hands of our enemies.
As we have grown and become more enlightened about the living legacy of our forefathers, the Constitution has evolved trying to strive to live up to its desired goal, of a perfect Union for all. That means everyone, not just a few.
We again are faced with the rise of hate, the hate is driven by others as a means to divide us for if we fall prey to their evil we surly will turn on each other, and when we do the power that be will watch as we destroy each other, and in the end, when we are at our weakest point their swift swore will take command.
Around the world democracies have fallen or are being torn down by a few powerful rich people these people have form Oligarchies to control governments that they buy off, their puppets do their bidding and the people lose and say in the government, the people are left blind to the crimes these very powerful people are doing because distraction like mirrors our tools of the oligarchy, they keep people divided by petty things while they plunder the country.
This is our time, like our fathers before, we must take a stand, it takes only one person to start a revolution, and it takes only one person to stand up to persecution and oppression.
In our name crime against humanity is being committed by an illegal and corrupt government who is only in power through acts of voter suppression and deceit.
The Blood of the innocent is on their hands, do we fail those being crush by the evil of this administration, and have that tainted blood on our hands as well.
Be ever vigilant for the forthcoming election, is not secured, and I trust not the process to be fair there are those who benefit mighty if the vote is denied to some.
The Constitution so states under Amendment XV Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color or previous condition of servitude.
This section of the Construction is violated by several states and the Court of this country has turned their eyes away from the written word of our Construction to serve their political masters to their undying shame.
It’s in our collective hands to take a stand, like our forefathers before letting us not yield to the present tyranny of a corrupt government, and Senate that lacks courage or the will to live up to their oath of office.
Remember, what Benjamin Franklin said at the signing of the declaration of Independence—–“We must all hang together or surely we shall hang separately”
Guildford H Windley
February 14, 2020

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