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A message to a hero

A message to a hero

by: Guildford Windley

A message to a hero
Moonbeams pour from the darkening night
They break upon the gentle waves that roll on a quiet sea under a blanket of the night
A lonely stretch of sand washed by the splashing waves as they hit the shore with a loud roar
A barking seal calls to its mate
The outline of a gull up above squawking at the moon
Out on the bay, one sees the lights of a passing ship
Above a hint of a fog-like white piece of lace moves in, the stars playing hide and seek through the flimsy whitish-gray
On a mound of sand perched above the tranquil sea, my eyes search for thee
Somewhere beyond the breakers there she is
Her ship away in harm’s way upon a sea so far away
Home, am I with the children that she bore
As the chill fills the night air, I hold my children tight
As we all throw a kiss goodnight across the gentle sea
To the woman that love, the mommy for whom the children miss they reach for her in the quiet mist
I’m just a simple man who tries the best he can, raising children all lone
While my wife serves our country far away
For not all that hear, the patriot call are men
For there are women too who put aside their family life to serve and fight
Let not lose sight of their sacrifice.
Guildford H Windley
October 5, 2019
In Honor of our Women heroes, thank you for your service

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