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A Question of Why a Wall?

by: Guildford Windley

.·A Question of Why a Wall?
What do you do with your wall?
People will say, why to build this ugly old thing
Rather of steel or concrete
It serves no real purpose in the natural scheme of things
But, it’s one purpose is to divide us
On one side the haves, the other side the have nots
Fear is the con, in this game of power
The drugs won’t stop, supply not the problem
The problem is demand, if not Mexico
Then somewhere else will fill the void
The people who want to come here are seeking a better life, their extremely poor and afraid
The violence from these people is well overblown
MS 13 Is not from the other side of the border
LA is where it’s from; the gang is made up of US Citizens
Some walls are of purpose, such as for prayer
Or to hold a house straight
Some walls are nice when covered with ivy
Some walls are needed for livestock protection
But a wall to divide won’t survive, hate does not solve
It grows like a virus, those who build it out fear
Will never be free, they’ll find that the walls not enough
Then they’ll demand more be done
Onward will spin, throwing more money at a fear that’s not real
While what is important goes on heeled
If those at the top want to solve this tragic problem the answer is with caring and love
Instead of blaming Mexico and Central America
We need to form an alliance to improve people’s lives in that region
You want to spend 5.7 Billion, it should be spent down in Central America, we stole their wealth and ruin their culture, the least we can do is repair the damage
As for drugs, I would say the only answer is legalize
The government-funded program of caring with onsite sales in a safe environment
Drive down the price and you won’t have a problem
You can close most of the for-hire prison and save billions
For if those hooked on a drug, if they can afford, then they won’t steal
So you see if you want to solve the problem, get real
The answer is not in hate or fear
The answer is to break down walls and barriers
In their place build love, trust, and respect!
Guildford H Windley
January 10, 2019

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Noble Member
2 years ago


Your amazing the way you turn current events into poetry. I love the way you write!! Samantha

Preston Jacob (@guest_1745)
2 years ago

I agree ! This is soo refreshing to read,  Guildford Windley 🙂


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