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A Rainy Morning

by: Guildford Windley

A Rainy morning
The rain a taping on the window pane
The trees swishing in the breeze
The burst of the wind
Gives you pause
Thunder cracks the air
While the skies fill with light
The air is of chill
As we rise from the long night
Hot coffee, a brewing on the stove
Breakfast a cooking
The smells of the cooking
lets one’s tummy know its time to chow down
As the rain keeps coming down
In the warm room, we be
Out of the rain are we
Sitting by the window
In the warmth of the room
Are we
A day, free of care
No work can be done
Sitting in our jammies
As the rain comes down
A patterning of drops makes a sound as they splat on the glass
All foggy is the window due to the heat
Getting hard to see traffic on the street
A sip of hot coffee
As I sit in my old comfy chair
A day free of care
As the rain taps my window pane
And the trees whisper
A song to my ears
Life goes on as people run by
Sloshing through a river
Where a sidewalk once was
I pity the poor souls
As they trudge on their way
The look on their face
A sadness I would say
The coldness and wetness
That they must feel
As the rain falls
No place to hide or stay dry
Alas, with concern on my face
I turn back to my book
Some reading I now have time do
I change the page
Of this interesting book
That I’m reading
Suddenly feeling empathy
For all the poor souls that I’ve seen
I turn and put another log on
The fire!
Guildford H Windley
February 13, 2019

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