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A Tragedy of Love

A Tragedy of Love

by: Guildford Windley

A tragedy of Love
A journey starts with one step
An idea takes just one thought
A story begins with the first word
So with love, it just takes just one kiss
Each breath of air renews one’s life
A sigh buries the pain to the heart
We live from day to day, for what
When ones love is a ruse for deceit and betrayal
A love lost in the dark
Does the pain of each step we take on this journey that we make ever go way
For the loss of love, for in a minute, she is gone.
Where can one go when the heartaches so?
How can we live on with the pain so deep within
Where does this story go without her loving soul nearby?
Just one kiss is all it takes to put a chain upon one’s heart
One step more in the morrow’s light
Lost in the love that burns inside
In the loneliness of one’s room
In the pale of a mist of first light
A dagger thrust into the heart
To break the chain that binds me so
Your spell is broken; your kiss no longer holds me down
Each breath of air renews one’s life; the last one that I take now ends that life
The journey is now complete with one last step thus this story is at an end!
Guildford H Windley
August 25, 2019

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