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A World without Color

A World without Color

by: Guildford Windley

A world without Color

In a world so black and white
The sheer cold of one’s life
Blind to the beauty that lies beyond the door
Pastels, of color to behold, on the canvas that is the world
Gods work is the artist touch, for beauty all the colors of the rainbow
Art is what one sees through eyes open to expanded horizons
Not shut into the four corners of a closed mind
The beauty of life is not that which is safe, but what is challenging
The difference of those that we see, not all is what we think
For they are but the color of the rainbow, a painting of their own
We walk not in their shoes, and should not question their difference
For we have enough baggage in our own shoes that we need to account for
The colors of the rainbow, the pastels that paint a picture of the world that could be
But at times the forces of those who hold us down, and keep us in a stark and gray world
A world where our minds are molded by the mouths of division, to keep us from being united
For control of our minds is their goal, to narrow our thought to four corners of a box
To be just a machine that obeys while the wealth, they take and the beauty of the colors they destroy
For them the world is but green and gold, for us, they turn the earth into a gray nothingness!

Guildford H Windley
March 7, 2020

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Samantha Leboeuf (@slleboeuf)
1 year ago

This is beautiful GUILDFORD. Hope you enter the poetry contest!! We love your writing!!

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