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Burnt out chapels and hearts

Burnt out chapels and hearts

by: Lexi Candelario

You met me as another girl to pass by,
noticed I was alone, with no one to talk to.
You sat next to me and my freezing heart sighed
my skies changed to a brand new hue;
Or was it that I was color blind and nothing else is new?
I had hope, and I crushed it every time
Because I knew you were one of them who would promise

I fell in love with you, and I dreamt of the old burnt out chapel
The one that stood bare, but stood strong through the lahar.
You were in love with me. Were.
Don’t ask me if I still have hope, you will only receive a heart wrenching cackle.
My dreams, my hopes to be loved deeply, sunk down so far
You broke the promise that you’d still love me

Even if I wasn’t her.

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Samantha (@guest_88)
3 years ago


So nice to see you on this site! The poem was wonderful and it touched the pain in my heart with a past relationship. Thank you so much for posting! You have a wonderful style of writing.


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