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Democracy Dies

by: Guildford Windley

Democracy Dies
The Day democracy died
No one, cried for they did not know
They went about their own way
While those who tried to warn were taken away
When the independence of the government falls to the will at the top
When departments turn to weapons, used by a would be king
The people’s freedom no longer do we sing, a country turn into prison, no one is free
The news is all twisted by the PR man, what is up and what is down will be turned around
When democracy dies, it will die because we brought the lies from those who cloak the truth and hide it from our eyes
We heard just what they wanted, those who spoke out and tried to point out the lies, were dealt with
Fear to talk, brought about the silence, death to freedom when only his words our spoken
His minion rise using force, claiming to be coerced
The power that runs the show using religion to force control
Women, people of color, and those that love is not approved of
Anyone who poses a threat, to the wealth at the top, targets to put down
Yes freedom and democracy disappear when there’s no dissent
Yes, freedom and democracy die when all we have is his lies!
Guildford Windley
April 11, 2019

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