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Freedom Is Just A Word

Freedom Is Just A Word

by: Guildford Windley

Freedom is just a word
Freedom is just a word
Too few people know it is worth
They blindly follow other words
They live their lives, say not a word
For injustices that occur
Not my problem as they turn away
Freedom is just a word
For those who stood and fought
For rights and dignity
Those that gave with blood
To say and be that no one can control me
I’ll live or I will die, but you will never own me, sir
Go wave your flag and sing your verse as fireworks are displayed
We know the sinister truth, upon which lays the lies told to us each day
The power that controls this land with their evil plans
To grow the wealth of a few at the expense of the rest
Lies and deceit are what they use to blind us to the truth
Our children take for wars that profit their stores
Yes, freedom is just a word that they dangle for us to see
The length of our leash is loose until we demand our rights
Freedom is just a word written in the blood of those that try to break that leash!
That is why we vote, so damn do your part!
Guildford H Windley
November 2,2020

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