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It’s a Doggone Dog Day

It’s a Doggone Dog Day

by: Guildford Windley

It’s a Dog Gone Dog Day
It’s a doggone dog day
The sky is so gray
Ah to my dismay
It’s a doggone dog day
Here I lie blocking the doorway
My nose in my bowl
No treats for me to eat, what a dog day it is
Things aren’t going my way today that’s a fact
It’s a doggone dog day
Gertrude the cat is ready to pounce on my back, I’ll have none of that
Feel her close, with a wicked smile on her face, she always wants to play
No not today my dear Gertie, it’s not a good day
It’s a doggone dog day, no time to play
Gertie, I know you don’t understand, but she not here she not home
What will we do, how can we survive, without her, I’m lost
Yes, Gertie, I know you don’t care to you they are just here to serve you
But to me she’s the world, I miss her so
I need her here so that I can take care of her that’s my job you know
It’s a doggone dog day as I lay here now old Gertie stop playing with my long floppy ear
How long has she been gone, will she ever come back
What will we do, I feel so alone without her lap to sit on
It’s a doggone bad old day without her love I feel so grey
Oh wait what is that sound, why is my tail a wagging
I know that taping on the floor someone is nearing the front door
It’s her Gertie, her I know her scent, she home
Don’t block my way old girl; I need to meet her at the door and let her know she is safe once more
Now who is blue not me for sure, for you see I’m in her arms where it’s nice and warm
Here see what I have mommy, our leash now I can take you for your walk with me
Who said it was a doggone dog day, was it you old Gertie
No, it’s a doggone good day, for mommy by my side as we walk our cares away
Oh, Gertie old girl don’t eat my food why I’m away and keep are bed warm
For we won’t be back till the bright toy in the sky is gone for the night!
Guildford H Windley
August 24, 2019

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