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Recovery of My True Self

Recovery of My True Self

by: Shirley Satterfield

My Recovery of True Self

Dear friends, I know that I have been a big pain in the butt for the past 10 years. But today after the experience of having much pain and anguish from seeking the approval of people whose parallel lines will never intersect with mine, I have finally found my true self again. So gradually I am healing and coming back to God and the original calling He has placed on my life to communicate the Gospel through the medium of poetry and the printed word. I am Shirley Mandel Satterfield, a woman of passion, ambition, and drive, and I’m so bad that I don’t give up ever on my life, my calling, my dreams. However, although being a professional poet was my first calling, and the reason why I went to school, being the caretaker for my aging special needs husband is my primary calling now. And Danny’s needs come first before my own needs and ambitions, as the way I think a Christian woman should live. Thus I want the world to know that I’m not to good to do the dishes or take out the trash. Thank God that I know who God is and I am fast recovering my true self. Free at last.

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