by: Guildford Windley

The Crash
h the air we breathe
The food we eat
The water we drink
The education that makes us thinks
The places we work or the places we play
The roads, bridges, and buildings
The various modes of transportation
Banking, insurance, medical and corporate practice
Communications and social media
In fact, all that could affect us, all we need to trust
Once were regulated, now they are not
Gone, they will go down in history, those federal agencies
FDA the environment, education, labor and others that we relied on
The Republican says look what we have done
We have freed up capitalism, cut their taxes we are going strong
But at what price have we given to them
As their profits soar and we can’t trust them anymore
Cut cost and pollute, don’t care what goes into the food
The air fills with toxic particles water you can’t drink
Will sell you water at a price and will overcharge you in fact
Our country facing global warming the big shots could care less
Yes the economy is moving along, but the deficit soars
Demands from the right to cut out entitlements do away with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
No more unemployment, no more welfare
All will be gone as the people cheer the wealth will increase for the rich
Then as sure as there is a sun in the sky, the economy will fall
When the dust clears, it’s 1934.
Guildford H Windley
April 23, 2019

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Trusted Member
Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

I concur with Yasir, very powerful surprise ending. Just when I thought you were writing about Trump’s government, you take us back to the lessons of history. Nicely done.

Yasir Sulaiman (@mynameisyasir)
2 years ago

Loved the ending! 🙂

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