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The Damn is going to Break

The Damn is going to Break

by: Guildford Windley

The Damn is going to Break
The time is near, for you can see the message that was sent
Down the rabbit hole, we go, as the spin
Plays again
Same old lie, with a new look to spin
The old damn is breaking as the damn, damn master is trying to bury the truth with another lie
The three stooges, bumbling as they go their way looking for some dirt
But two did not get away, their ticket for a one-way fare that took them to a cities jail
The damn is breaking, there no hesitating
Barr is rewriting history to his own making
While a yellow stain is running through the halls of congress their lack of standing up to a quack is shocking
The mouth that won’t stop talking is the one who has sold out this country
Once there was a place of beauty now the environment is getting dirty
Looks like the swamp he said he was draining; he is really just a filling
For the power holds the gold, above those that are not in the ninety-nine percent
Lower taxes for the rich
Meanwhile, the yellow back took back a pledge, a trade he made, our honor he did give away, so his name a build would stay the same
But for those who gave their all fighting our own damn war
Will we turn our backs on them, now they are being slaughtered by a Turkish whore
Corruption runs through the halls of the people’s place
The coward who thinks he’s a king is crying in the wing
The damn is bursting at the seams
But Fox News can’t get a clue because the propaganda that they spew is fake news
Then there Moscow Mitch, now there is a little creepy bitch, he has gotten very rich
While screwing Kentuckian
The Senate is a chamber, full of little puppets to the rich, talk of a swamp this place stinks
But where is Justice, that joke Barr can be found on his knees with his head up someone’s ass
Oh yes, the damn breaking and all the shit that been in hiding will hit the fan and when it rains down on the clowns in red hats they’ll be the ones to go down fast.
For those that think that all is well and we will all be rich
While theirs a bill to be paid, and will learn that the economy was never what they said, for they cook the books to made it look good
Remember folks the Orange buffoon is a real loon
He’s not all there, as stable genius go, his went.
But in the end, the one who is laughing sits in the Kremlin with a smile upon his face
Putin shit must be orange for that’s what’s all over Trump’s face!
Guildford H Windley
October 11, 2019

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