The Dance

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The Dance
There’s a new dance sweeping the nation
It’s like a tango, but with its own twist
This dance of two is dangerous
A treacherous dance with hidden motives
There is the master who controls this dance
He weaves his spell on his puppet
Who he moves by pulling strings
Both are interlocked in this intrigued
This dance is call collusion
It takes two to dance this tango
A treasonous secret dance
An act of betrayal, this illegal cooperation
The dance of collusion an act of deception
But there’s consequence when you do this dance
For it takes you deeper into the web
Now tangled in the web there no escape
Master plays the song and you must dance
But there is an end to this illusion
That you won’t like
For all things come to an end
When the music stops
The dance of collusion
Will hang over your head

Guildford H Windley
August 21, 2018

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