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The Day That Never Was

The Day That Never Was

by: Guildford Windley

The Day That Never Was
The day that never was
A day of love and joy
A day filled with laughter
A day with music in the air
A day warm with a gentle wind
The day that never was
A time for family and friends
A party to last well into the warm summer evening night
People we knew sharing our joy
But that day will never be
My heart will never heal
No life left, just sorrow
The pain I now know will last to my last breath
Yes today was to be our wedding day
But instead, I’m on my knees at your grave
Yes the day never was will haunt me into my grave
All the tears that now fall, all the prayers that I say mean little
You are gone
The day that never was so much that would have been will never be
It is so hard to know the things we took for granted
This thing we cannot get it’s for the old
We were foolish and did not listen
Who needs a mask or social distance?
We are young and gay planning our wedding day
But then you got sick within a month you were dead
Just like that, the day I never wanted to come took my love from me
Guildford H Windley
August 14, 2020

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Laurel A. Porter (@laurelporter)
7 months ago

Remarkably touching.

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