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The Field of My Youth

The Field of My Youth

by: Guildford Windley

The Field of My Youth
As I recall, from my youth a time of peace
In a place, where summer dreams were kept
It was a simple time of life for me
Oh those days of carefree play as we walked in fields of tulips that lay across a sea of flowers born of colors: reds, whites, pinks and yellows
On early evenings strolls upon the fields caught up with a Pink cream sky
As a river of light spread forth from a Sun dimming in the late afternoon, as the warmth of the day slipped away
We watch as it disappears slowly beyond the distant mountains as the sky turned into an evening shade of periwinkle
Daisy was just a young girl of seventeen, I all of eighteen
She lived on a country farm, a place that I could escape too, from the cold dab concrete city where I lived
We spent our summer youth with laughter, on nighttime walks through fields of colorful flowers
We shared our hopes and dreams of a life that would come to us with the years that followed
Yes those days of long ago, bring back memories of her dress of buttercup yellow that left her shoulder bare to show her fair soft pink skin
Her image but now a silhouette burnt upon my memory
What does it matter now, our hopes and dream, will never be
For now, upon my death, my blood flows like a river, as my life ebbs from me
In a field of poppies of yellow now stain with the red of my blood, I lie
As canons roar overhead and smoke bellows to darken the morning sky
My body lies in Flanders Fields so far from that farm for which I knew
Oh how I wish one last kiss, one last touch of Daisy’s hand
To see that sweet young girl and the innocence of the time of our youth!
Guildford H Windley
February 22, 2020

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