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The Hand Of Love

The Hand Of Love

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The Hand of Love

A little hand, upon my hand
So small is it
A little soul, that loves me so
Those memories of child now grown
She used to run and play
She takes my hand as we ran down the way
That night, the dad and daughter dance
She held my hand and made me dance
She didn’t laugh as I look back now
On how bad I dance
She just took my hand and walked with me
She smile and said not too bad to her dad
Now she takes my hand, hers is strong and sure
Not the little hand of yester year
She holds my weak and trembling hand
As I gazed with tired eyes
Upon a strong self-assured woman
My daughter dear I see in you a woman like your mother
She be proud of you
I only wish that she had lived through childbirth
I did the best being both dad and mom
But you’re the one who took my hand and lead the way
Now you’re grown and have a family of your own
My watch is done; it’s time that I move on
For I see your mother standing near her smile is beaming
I hear her saying my name softly
As she reaches out for me
My sweet daughter, hold my hand once more before I go
Your love I carry with me wherever I may go
But, remember this, my dear child
I’ll always be near
On a night like tonight, look to shadows of the moonlight
As it filters into the room
For here you’ll find me, my hand upon your hand
As it was so long ago, I’ll be there for you
Please hold my hand, and with one last kiss
I’ll say goodbye!

Guildford H Windley
March 25, 2018

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1 month ago

[…] See this: The hand of love. […]

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1632)
2 years ago

absolutely lovely, Guildford!!

2 years ago

absolutely lovely, Guildford!!

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