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by: johnv1957

In this game of life sometimes you’ve got to take a chance
You’ve got to move your feet before you ever learn to dance
You can’t just sit there on the fence
It really doesn’t make much sense
You’ve got to make a choice or just suffer the consequence

There might be times when your dreams get up and walk out the door
And leave your hopes like puzzle pieces scattered on the floor
Even in the worst of weather
Just believe things will get better
Pick up the pieces and just put them back together

You’ve got to learn to spread your wings
You know that you can do great things
When people don’t believe in you
Give them a different point of view
And tell them you were born to do
The impossible

Don’t let the trials and tribulations bring your spirit down
Make sure that you get up each time that you fall to the ground
When you get hit between the eyes
You’ve got to stop and realize
It’s nothing more than just a blessing hidden in disguise

If you look within yourself no telling what you’ll find
If you can’t trust your heart you might just leave your dreams behind
You’ve got to hold your head up high
Don’t let tomorrow pass you by
If you don’t spread your wings you’re never gonna learn to fly

Don’t give up and don’t give in
Just find the strength you have within
When life keeps throwing stones at you
You’ve got to keep on pushing through
You know that you were born to do
The impossible

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