The Old Tree

by: Shirley Satterfield

During this corona virus isolation time my husband and I have been sitting on the porch a lot just bonding and enjoying the peace of nature. And yesterday a poem came to me when I spotted a half dead old tree in the neighborhood that still had buds and leaves growing here and there on it’s dry cracked old limbs, and I want to share this symbol of survival with you in a poem. Really? Should they sacrifice the older generation for the economy?!!

The Old Tree

I saw that gnarled old tree down yonder.
Made me think. Made me ponder.
It has survived a lot.
Winds and rains and whatnot.
I love that old tree down yonder.
The more I look the more I grow fonder.
Makes me think. Makes me ponder.
The love of God who lives up yonder.

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
7 months ago

Wow…i love the poem. it explains what is going on in the world.

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