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The Tree and the Waterfall

The Tree and the Waterfall

by: Guildford Windley

The Tree and the Waterfall
Once there was a waterfall, on a little brook
It was a pretty little waterfall that would fall twenty feet into a little pool
The water would flow over smooth granite rocks in the babbling brook
Cascading in dance as it swirls and splashes on its trip to the sea
Well, to get to this beautiful little waterfall one would have to journey into the thick of the forest
A trail up and over the hill into a small valley full of tall trees was the way to reach this quiet place of beauty
The little waterfall was quite famous, and it knows it
The waterfall was quite proud and let all the trees know it.
For people from far and wide would come and see the beautiful waterfall dance over the cliffs
The young, the old, family and young lovers and old lover too would hike in
All seeking the beauty and quiet of this special place
The people would gather at a little bridge that crosses the brook just below the falls and the pool
The waterfall was in such a place bored into a crevasse it would flow out down the sheer cliffs of the granite rock
That person could not get to close for the cliffs were to sheer so no one could touch the water as it flowed forth they could only watch in a distance as the beauty roar down to the blue-green pool down below
The waterfall, seeing the gathering of the people entranced by its dance down to the pool
Would shout in a roar as it splashes over the rocks
Nearby just above the bank of the creek was a grove of Redwood trees in a pretty little picnic grove
These trees raised high in the sky and provided a broad area of shade for all that look to a place to enjoy a meal protected from the rays of the harsh hot sun and enjoy the shade
As they watch the little waterfall dance down from the cliffs
One of these trees not as tall as the rest felt sad for the waterfall would always brag and say to the trees that it was the best
The trees were just there to support his beauty and were not important at all
This went on all the time, and made the little tree very sad it felt really small
One day while some folks were enjoying lunch and as the adults sat in the shade admiring the waterfall cascading in the air with spray forming a cloud of water for the people delight
While the adults were fixed on the falls the children there were ten in all
They found the little tree, the littlest one of all and they surrounded that tree
One by one they join hands and moved forward and with laughs and giggles and hug that sweet little Redwood tree
That Tree stood up tall and said to the waterfall look at me I’m special too
The waterfall laugh and said no you’re not those are just kids what do they know
Their parents are all admiring me and that is what really counts don’t you know
The little tree then turn sad, I’m not special at all
Now watching this story unfolded was a very wise old owl sitting high in a tree
The old owl said to the sad little tree look down and what do you see
The little tree said with a smile little children hugging me
See you’re are special too, while people may see the beauty of the waterfall they can never touch it, nor can the waterfall feel the touch of a human
You are a beauty of your own; you provide shade for the folks
But most of all you know the touch of children and the laugh and giggles is the happiness that you have given them
The old owl looks down from its perch and said remember this my beautiful friend
It is so much more rewarding to be touch and loved; then to be viewed as an object and admired.
Guildford H Windley
October 25, 2019

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