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There a Catch to making Money

There a Catch to making Money

There a Catch to making Money

I was feeling in need of money
Being poor and lacking
So I read an ad
This guy was hiring
He said here’s the deal
I will loan you a dollar
You will take it to this account
The person there will give you two
Then you bring that back to me
I’ll take the two and give you one
Is that a deal
So off I went with the dollar
I exchange it for the two
I return to the man both dollars
Like he said he would he gave me one of those dollars
Now he said take that one that just gave you
Down the street to a Mr. Jones and he will give you two
Again I did what he said and brought back two
He took the two and gives me one and said out you go
There’s another account, he will give you two.
Now this went on and on, for quite a while
I felt that there was something wrong
For no matter how I counted it, I still did not have any money
Will I complained to the man, and he said he understood
He said I don’t want to make you feel bad
So this is what will do
I will give you two dollars that’s one dollar more
You take that to the account, and he will give you three
I did just that and when I returned
The man took the three and gave me two
Now he said isn’t that better soon you’ll be rich
I smiled and he said off you go
Take those two dollars to Mr. Jones
It’s been some time since this all began
But every now and then I can’t help but wonder
Is this a catch 22 that I am in?
But then again I can’t stop
The man has said I will be rich in the end.

Guildford H Windley
August 13, 2018

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